Total Cap.

Global IT spending forecast to reach US $2700B in 2020 (source)

The “League”

IoT will reach $1290B by 2020 (Source)

3rd parties Logistics Market to Surpass $925B By 2020 (Source)

Mobile Commerce $669B in 2018 (source)

Conversational user interfaces (Chatbots) $600B market by 2020 (Source)

Digital Ads (include mobile) reach $335B in 2020 (Source)

TV advertising market is expected to reach $281B by 2020 (Source)

EdTech spend to reach $252bn by 2020 (Source)

Big data $203B in 2020 (Source)

Enterprise IT Spending for the Insurance Market $189B in 2020 (Source)

Augmented/Virtual Reality to hit $162B by 2020 (Source)

Print media $135B by 2020 (Source)

Global Games Market Reaches $118B (Source)

In 2020, $101.6B spend on cyber security (Source)

Mobile App economy will reach $101B in 2020 (Source)

SEO-related spending $80B by 2020 (Source)

Social Media Ad Spending $50B in 2019 (Source)

Outdoors advertising $48B by 2020 (Source)

“Autonomous Cars”(Driver-less Cars) Market $41.7B by 2025 (Source)

Online video advertising total $35.4B by 2019 (Source)

Wearable Tech Market To Be Worth $34 Billion By 2020 (Source)

3D printing market worth $20.5B by 2020 (Source)

Intelligent Virtual Assistant reach $12.28B by 2024 (Source)

Global block-chain technology market will grow to $2.3B by 2021 (Source)


Bold market are the ones we’re Link Big are targeting 🙂