About us

Our mission is to help brands get more out of Instagram than they ever thought possible.

Top Global innovative startup in Cannes Lions innovation 2017

We were hand-picked as one of the 50 start-ups that will be at Lions Innovation, in the Discovery Zone, waiting to meet you.

For 2017 the Discovery Zone will be home to the world’s most innovative start-ups showcasing their exciting products.

Our Mission

Join “The Frictionless Future” today by making the mobile web more personal & convenient (like mobile apps) to your consumers – with Link Big smart magical links!

Link Big has created the world’s first “link engine optimisation” for brands & publishers to increase their AOV/ROI from their mobile assets, tailored and aligned to their business goals.

Our goal is for you to sell more, to deliver relevant content to the perfect audience and enrich your loyal consumers with a personalised experience.

For example, right now brands can only have one link in their Instagram bio – leading followers to their homepage and causing high friction. Link Big’s smart bio-link solves that – by leading each follower exactly to the item they just saw, liked, and want to reach.

The results? Link Big clients keep increasing their sales, seeing a traffic boost of 50%-300%, getting a CTR of 8% and multiplying their retention rate by 3X!

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